This lovely memory foam dog settee is perfect for your pooch to relax. The filling is made from a high loft material which is the best form of Polyester Pillow Filling, A higher grade fibre is used with a spring back action to avoid clumping which occurs with cheaper fibre fill


  • Super Comfortable Quality Orthopaedic Memory Foam
  • Double Protection the Memory Foam also has a Inner Protective Zip Off Water Resistant Liner
  • Very Tough & Durable
  • Water & Smell Resistant
  • Hair & Dirt Resistant
  • Flea & Mite Resistant
  • Anti Bacterial Fabric
  • UV Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non slip bed base


 With every purchase of this bed Dog Fiesta will donate to an animal charity.


Prices start at £37.99

Please note the measurements for the beds are the outside/external measurements and not the measurements of the middle bed pad. This is because the bolsters surrounding the internal bed of the settee are thick and so by using these measurements, you are sure it will fit into any space you might have.

Memory Foam Dog Dreamer Sofa


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