This lovely Orthopaedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Mattress is 6" Thick (15cm) Waterproof 600denier Durable Fabric Outer + extra inner waterproof protective zip off liner for the 100% memory foam slab.  The filling is made from a high loft material which is the best form of Polyester Pillow Filling, A higher grade fibre is used with a spring back action to avoid clumping which occurs with cheaper fibre fill . It is perfect for older animals.



·         Waterproof Top Quality Orthopaedic High Denisty 100% Memory Foam Slab Mattress

·         6 inches (15cm) Thickness of 100% Memory Foam

·         Why is our bed different? Double protection - 2 waterproof covers -  Outer cover is super stong and durable 600denier & pu coated - the inner cover is a breathable water resistant zip off mattress protector

·         Hair & Dirt Resistant

·         Odour Resistant

·         Flea & Mite Resistant

·         100% Water Resistant

·         UV Resistant

·         Velcro not zips to secure, for longer lasting beds!

·         Mite & Flea Resistant

·         All Over Waterproof Cover - Includes the bed base!

·         Beds that are made to last longer.

When it comes to the health of a dog bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the memory foam orthopaedic bed. The value of a good of a dog bed lies in how effectively the bed supports your dogs body.

The bed provides support and comfort, it minimizes pressure points on bones and joints for a better quality sleep. Less pressure points means better blood circulation which benefits the whole body.  Ideal for older dogs and dogs recovering from an illness or sore joints.

All our beds are handmade to order in the UK.


We only use 100% high density finest quality memory foam slabs, other manufacturers use a thin memory foam topper with a cheap base foam which makes up the bulk of the thickness, our beds are the real deal and made to last.

Please note the measurements for the beds are the outside/external measurements and not the measurements of the middle bed pad. This is because the bolsters surrounding the internal bed of the settee are thick and so by using these measurements, you are sure it will fit into any space you might have.

Dog Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Mattress


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